Here is the list of my brother’s (Andy Wayment) twenty favorite hunting and fishing stories ever (in no particular order):

1. “My Generous Season,” Mark Jeffrey Volk
2. “The Road to Tinkham Town,” Corey Ford
3. “The Royal MacBob,” Robert F. Jones
4. “The Intruder,” Robert Traver
5. “The Christmas Gift,” Jerry Dennis
6. “A River Runs Through It,” Norman Maclean
7. “Volkswagen Cove,” William G. Tapply
8. “Gone Fishin’,” William G. Tapply
9. “Ghost Grouse,” Burton Spiller
10. “The Poacher,” John Gierach
11. “On the Divide,” Nick Lyons
12. “In the Buffalo Fields,” Jerry Dennis
13. “Herbert’s Helper,” Corey Ford
14. “Back Yard Trout,” Burton Spiller
15. “Blizzard on the Race Track,” Steve Grooms
16. “Big Secret Trout,” Robert Traver
17. “The Great Bream Expeditions,” James R. Babb
18. “Devil Water,” Mark Jeffrey Volk
19. “Paid in Full,” Mark Jeffrey Volk
20 “Burt’s Gun,” William G. Tapply

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  1. Chet says:

    >Found your blog by clicking “next blog”. Nice work. One of my favorite books is “The Tattered Autumn Sky: Bird Hunting in the Heartland” By Tom Davis. You should check it out. Keep up the good work.

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