>Two of My Favorite Girls: Karen and Ginny Girl

> Ginny Girl and Karen in Sun Valley, Idaho during Thanksgiving vacation (2005). We were chasing chukars with my brothers. We had a great day with numerous points…although the gunners couldn’t shoot straight.
This photo of Ginny retrieving a scaled quail was from her last season (Fall 2006) in Kansas. We moved 20 coveys of scaled quail that day. Ginny Girl was a stylish bird finder and a reliable retriever. She’ll be forever missed.

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  1. Stu Farnham says:

    >Hey Shawn, I saw your comment on my blog so I had to check yours out … we have one more thing in common — fly fishing.Your Ginny dog looks a lot like one of my setters, Monty. I don’t have any pictures of him working — he’s a field trial dog and I am usually on horseback handling when he runs. He’s a bit too big-running to hunt over. My other 2 trial dogs are Gordon Setters and are great foot handling dogs.Look me up when you are in Walla Walla nexr.Stu

  2. Stu Farnham says:

    >Shawn,Saw your latest comment on my blog — maybe we should exchange email addresses to make this easier. If you go to my blog and click on the photo of Uncle Millard, it will send me an email.I think the kennel you meant was Tekoa, not Takoma — they are down in Boring, Oregon. My Monty is out of Tekoa Mountain Patriot. If you email me your email address I’ll send you a photo.Stu

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