>Strideaway Article: Canine Reproduction Part the Second

>My second article on Canine Reproduction : the breeding soundness of the male dog was recently posted to Strideaway.com.

Photo of 1938 National Champion Air Pilot’s Sam by William Harnden Foster–courtesy of author Tom Davis

Tom Davis writes for many of my favorite magazines…his book The Tattered Autumn Sky should be included in your literary outdoor library. Tom is one of my favorite writers of all times…up there with the greats like Corey Ford, Harold P. Sheldon, Havilah Babcock, Raymond Holland and Burton Spiller!

Grudgingly…it’s time to change gears and head to my beloved Arkansas to toss flies at rising trout. Almost time to climb above 10,000 ft in search of Greenback cutthroats and hungry brookies. I pray to live long enough to see September and to pursue birds with my bird dogs!

Setter Feathers…

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  1. Leonard DeBerry says:

    I have a 12″ x 15″ framed print of Air Pilot’s Sam done by Mr. William H. Foster which is identical to the one posted by Mr. Davis. I found it in a garage sale years ago and finally decided to take it off the wall and find out more about it. Would a collector be interested in it as I’m not really a bird dog guy but this just caught my eye back then. Thanks!

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