>Gone Grousing Colorado Style…Stay Tuned!

>Colorado Greenback Cutthroat

About The Western Native Trout Initiative
With few exceptions, native trout populations have declined across the West, usually due to two general factors: habitat alteration and introduced non-native fish. Remaining native trout populations are often isolated from one another and exposed to increased predation, competition, and hybridization. Continued human population growth, coupled with potential habitat damage from a warming climate, has increased the urgency of securing and improving the status of western native trout.

The 15 native trout addressed by the Western Native Trout Initiative have long been considered as biologically, recreationally and culturally important. While local conservation actions have occurred, overall range-wide recovery and coordinated management of western native trout generally has been addressed in a fragmented approach.

The Western Native Trout Initiative (WNTI) provides a new perspective and impetus to improve the return on investment of the time, money and manpower dedicated to native trout conservation over the next decade. WNTI is a collaborative, multi-state approach that requires the involvement of a wide range of partners – from private individuals to conservation–minded organizations and corporations.

The Western Native Trout Initiative was formed in 2005 to address these issues, and is endorsed by the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. WNTI is recognized as a National Fish Habitat Partnership by the National Fish Habitat Action Plan. We have partnered with all the western states, 5 federal agencies, numerous Native American Tribes, local enthusiasts,Trout Unlimited, Simms Fishing products, the Federation of Fly Fishers, the Klamath Basin Rangeland Trust and the Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission to further our cause with their direct support.

Become a WNTI Partner! You have the opportunity to play a key role in guaranteeing our native trout heritage in America. WNTI Partners are the keystone for on-the-ground projects as well as being the local eyes and ears of the partnership. WNTI Partners will receive and be provided information that is important to native trout management in your area, as well as across the West. (Copied from WNTI’s website)

I recently became a member of WNTI and would encourage anyone with a passion for wild/native fish (or birds for that matter) to become a member and be an active participant in any organization in which you strongly believe in.

The grousing season is now upon us! My brother Andy from the Upland Equations Blog opened Idaho’s season yesterday and harvested a nice blue grouse. I am leaving at O’Dark-30 tomorrow morn’n for Colorado blue grouse country with 10 to 12 metabolically charged bird dogs. Stay tuned for adventures and misadventures from the fields and forests…

Setter Feathers…

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  1. Elgee says:

    >10-12 dogs for Blues? That's a little over the top eh? Hell, just bring a bucket of rocks, it's the opener, andf the birds are EVEYWHERE this year. You can run em over with a Mountain Bike if youy want.

  2. >I know what happened. I ain't talkin' Have to wait for Ol Doc to spill the beans hissef'

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