>Just One Time For Me

>Today I awoke at O’dark-30 and headed to a new spot in search of birds…birds being Colorado scaled quail. Stars dangled above in a cloudless sky as the girls (slumbering comfortably in the car next to me) and I sped southeast from home. Today was a day afield in the uplands that dreams are made of…dreams to get me through the crazies and on into the bird-dog-days of September.

We witnessed the whirr of wings four times today…organized chaos. The dogs pointed all four coveys and followed up with many of the singles…enough excitement to keep me pounding boot leather all day.

As I write this post tonight, the girls are sleeping on the floor next to me…I’m quite certain that they are dreaming of intoxicating Colorado scaled quail!

Until next time…see ya on the prairies!

The girls have nailed a large covey loafing in the sun! Double click on the photo to see their intesity

The girls have a nice covey pinned between them

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Andy W. says:

    >Great pictures brother!

  2. >Sounds like a great day and I imagine you all slept quite well. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

  3. >You are a lucky man, sir! What a great start to 2010… great pictures, beautiful dogs, and it looks like you had birds, too.all bestAndrew

  4. Kirklan says:

    >Looks like a great time hunting quail. I managed to bag my first scalies this year in NM. They were a lot of fun.

  5. >Thanks for all the comments you guys! it was indeed a great day! I feel very lucky to be able to get out with such wonderful dogs!

  6. >Dogs did a great job. Who shot the birds for you? Smile.

  7. >Nice report and pics. I envy you. My hunting this past season was very limited. It's nice to live vicariously through these fine blogs!

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