Orphaned Mountain Lion Cub.

In my last post, “One Hot Tom,” I wrote about a recent turkey hunt in southeastern Idaho. A few weeks before our hunt, the landowner (on who’s property we hunted) was asked by the Idaho Fish & Game to go up into the mountains near his home and pick up a mountain lion cub who’s mother had been illegally killed. The landowners went up to the area, found the fiesty cub, grabbed it by the scruff of the neck, and threw it into a gunny sack. They have graciously been taking care of it until it can go out on its own. Guess what they feed it? Live chickens!!!

The cub was not at all happy for Matt and I to be around, but he still needs to work on his roar (which was more like a hiss).

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  1. Oh good, live chickens. Once “Tabby” has been released into the wild guess what will be the preferred ration? I’m sure some of the farmers in the area are going to be thrilled!Just a wild guess, of course.

  2. Andy W. says:

    Walter, I was thinking that the local grouse, pheasant, and turkeys would take a hit too. Andy

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