As most of you wind down your hunting seasons, or have already been snowed out, I am looking forward to several months of high desert adventuring with Pride and Joanne. BUT, The Grinch has entered the picture here too. Not cold enough last weekend to bring snow to the 3400 ft elevation the valley where our club is located, but we did get a ton of rain. At last report the major part of the club is under 4 ft. of water. It will go down, but it sure plays havoc with the grass cover and leaves silt on everything. Fortunately, there is high ground to the west and south of the main areas and we can continue. Hopefully the birds had slickers and hipboots in their enclosures during the deluge!

With all that aside, Joanne and I say “Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year” and Pride says “Woof.”

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  1. Andy W. says:

    Walter, Merry Christmas! I was reading some earlier comments on one of my posts and reread your's about wanting to hunt sage grouse again. You are welcome to come to Idaho and hunt them with me next year. They are indeed a fine game bird. Your friend, Andy

  2. If my arthritis will give me a break Pride and I might just take you up on that. I was mesmerized by those wonderful birds the one time I hunted them with your handsome, wise and gracious older brother. Now, what was his name? Hahahahaha.Merry Christmas Andy to you and all your family.Walter

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