>Future Bird Hunting Buddy

>I wanted to share some 3-D images of my grandson that is due in May. My daughter Kyli and her wonderful husband Kevin are expecting…and I’m excited to be a grandfather! I’m not sure yet what they’re going to name my future hunting buddy yet!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Sweet! I am so excited for you to be a Granddad. I am sure that, like everyone else, your grandson will love and adore you. Hopefully, he will want to hang out with his Great Uncle Andy too.

  2. Eric G says:

    >Congratulations Grandpa!

  3. >congratulations, Shawn! (and Kyli and Kevin, of course!)Andrew

  4. Deer Passion says:

    >Ahh… How fun! Looks like he’ll be a good hunting buddy! Congrats to Kyli and Kevin!

  5. BlacknTan says:

    >Congratulations Doc,There’s nothing like a grandchild! Even a birddog pup doesn’t quite measure up, but close…Enjoy!

  6. >Thanks all for the comments…I’m very excited! Shawn

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