>Perils of Bird Dogs (Birddogdom)


Autumn was created for pointing dogs afield
With hoar frost and foliage, such a pinnacle sight to yield
The perils of bird dogs’ did you ever ponder?
What happens to our beloved partners while out yonder?
They’d gladly pay the price in flesh, only wish they wore a combative shield

Once while chasing echoes off rim rocks on a scree covered slope
The profusely hemorrhaging carpal pad laceration was too much to cope
All the excitement led to a hypoglycemic event
That poor, wide-ranging, bird dog was totally spent
With all the canine commotion abound, stopping the bleeding was all we could hope

And once while pursuing the call of the Valley Quail
A well pampered, high pedigreed pointer came back with no tail
He’d ran out of sight, and was gone through the night
We’d found him hungry and cold at first light
The human counterpart became pale; however, don’t think these bird dogs are frail

There’s snakes that bite and dogs who fight
Deer and rabbits they can chase through the night
Porcupine quills, cheat grass, torn pads and conjunctivitis
Dehydration, motion sickness, skin rashes and colitis
And, don’t forget the traps, skunks, spear grass and mange mite

With all the salves and ointments to heal
An October with out bird dogs would not have the right feel
As the arthritis settles into what use to be a pup
And the empty collar eventually is hung up
The perils of bird dogs’ are what made it so real!

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