>Groused Feathers Again!

>October 1st…my favorite day of the year! Of course it would snow on my favorite day to chase grouse…but any day spent in the uplands is a glorious day! Tim and I looked hi and low for birds, but never made contact! Here’s a few photos from the day. The Kansas pheasant opener is just around the corner…can’t hardly wait!

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  1. Andy W. says:

    >Shawn, There are a lot of sayings that cover your experience. . . Blue grouse are where you find them . . . sometimes birds, sometimes feathers! What a beautiful place to not find birds! The worst day of hunting is better than the best day of work. Andy

  2. >Looks like a Christmas card up there. I'll bet those blues were stuck next to the trunk of the tallest pine in the meadow edge. Staying warm and munching on those good old pine needles. Seems to me they would be just about impossible to shake out on a day like this.Dogs sure had fun.

  3. >Great country and I bet those Grouse were hunkered in tight as an old dog to a wood stove on a cold December's night. I saw limits of Ruffed Grouse during my archery elk hunt. Was wishing I had my shotgun on more than one occasion.

  4. >Shawn: looks gorgeous! Am in western Maine, looking as though we'll get rained out of day 3 of ruffed grouse hunting. The first two days were fabulous — although it'll probably be Friday before I can get something posted.all bestAndrew

  5. >Andrew…Can wait to see your Maine photos! I'd much rather deal with snow then rain! Hope you have a great Fall!Terry…I should have gone elk hunting too…I always find grouse when I'm chasing big game!

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