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>There are a lot of great posts out there in Blogger Land I’d like to share with you. The first is Dale’s from LoBank (CLICK HERE). Dale is writing a series on Great Dogs and Good Men…I’m really enjoying his stories! His latest post is of interest for any Elhew Pointer Fan!

Andy and Walter have made wonderful contributions on Upland Equations (CLICK HERE)…Walter has written about Pride’s Progress, and we’re both really excited to meet up in a few weeks for a sage grouse hunt here in Colorado! Andy’s post is about a great GSP named Upland Rooster…Rooty was a bird dog! Great posts by both!

Brad at For Love of Dogs and Birds (CLICK HERE) has written recently about puppies…there’s nothing better than puppy breath! Great site to visit!

Andrew from the Regal Vizsla (CLICK HERE) finally got his VIZSLAMOBILE! Now his bird dogs will be traveling in STYLE! Andrew has a fabulous blog!

Pete Houser from Living with Birddogs (CLICK HERE) posted a delicious hunters’ feast! I can’t wait to try out his Chile Verde recipe! Pete, thanks for sharing!

Another great post can be found at The Black & Tan Bombshell (CLICK HERE)about proper conditioning of your canine partner before hunting them! I agree that swimming is an excellent way to condition a dog…and it’s good for those arthritic dogs too!

On the home front…a bit of discouraging news! My Elhew pointer (Gep) had a gland on her tail that grew enormous! It’s a condition I’ve only seen a handful of times in my career…the condition is called Hyperplasia of the gland of the tail! I’ve only seen this condition in non-castrated male dogs (very rarely) and it usually regresses with castration! I removed the gland 18 months ago, but it came back with a vengeance! I removed Gep’s tail on Monday…it’s been a hard thing for me to swallow!
Gep is recovering well…in fact, she seems no worse for wear! I think that I’m taking it much harder! She’ll have to be on the injured reserve list opening weekend of grouse season…but watch out sage grouse!

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  1. Dale Hernden says:

    >Thanks for the compliment Shawn. I didn’t mean for the series to be an autobiography and am re-thinking the format.Have a great opening day and give Gep a pet for me.Dale

  2. >Shawn: thanks for the shout-out. Our boys always travel in style… this new Tacoma is just from the same decade they are! 8-)Sorry to hear about Gep. At least you, yourself, know exactly what to do, why, and how. She is at least lucky in that regard.We have some training this weekend — and will hopefully meet some pretty awesome vizsla pups as well at Forestking. And you’re right, pups are like Homer Simpson’s Forbidden Donut… must resist, must resist!A+M+M+J

  3. >Dr Dogs!Gep doesn’t even know about the tail. Only you do. What a great conversation piece now–“Wow, man oh man, that’s big runnin’ GSP!” “Gee, fella’, not really, she’s an English Pointer. She’s runs so fast I had to take the tail off because it was making her aerodynamically unstable.”No, I have not been into the cooking sherry again. Just feeling goofier than usual because I am on a high about Pride and the trip coming up to shoot with you in Colorado.Walter

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