Last fall I wrote a story about my daughter Eden’s first hunt entitled, “Eden Dawn.” I recently submitted this story for publication in a new magazine in Idaho entitled, “Gettin’ Out” and it was accepted. I have attached a link to the new magazine, http://www.jaredscottoutdoors.com/. If you have not read the piece, it is still in the Upland Equations archives.
Eden and Nessy excited about our limit of sharptails on Edey’s first hunt with Dad.

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  1. Congratulations! Can't wait to check out the story.

  2. My brother the author! Congrats! you rock!

  3. This is fantastic news, indeed!Congratulations not only for the publishing, but for the story and the object of such fine memories.I hope you have many more to come.

  4. Thumbs up, Andy! Pretty soon you'll be putting together an anthology of your works. Your hard work is paying off very well. We all enjoy your writing, my friend.

  5. JimK says:

    Congratulations, Andy! Keep at it!

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