>I’d much rather be chasing pointing dogs across the prairies of this great country…waiting for that intoxicating staunch point on wild birds…the echos on rim rocks crossed scree covered slopes…the explosive rush of a covey of bobwhites or the thunder of a ruffed grouse lifting out of an aspen-chocked draw on the Royal Mac Nab…these are the things that are on my mind as I doze off to sleep each night! I believe it was Steve Smith or Gene “Hilly” Hill who called this time of years“in-between-the-crazies”…I couldn’t agree more! Thank Heavens that we have fly fishing and spring gobblers to chase! But…I’ll still be dreaming of pulling the back trigger on my Spanish Beauty! Until Autumn…

Dr. Shawn’s home near the ARK…as in Arkansas…River!

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  1. >Beautiful photos, can you beam me up? I’m ready.

  2. Mntmaniac says:

    >Shawn…we all deal with our withdrawels however we can…Best of luck! 🙂

  3. >Terry…Are ya here yet? You’re welcome anytime!Thanks Brad!Shawn

  4. mimi says:

    >Gentlemen – I have a friend who is looking for a lab puppy. Any suggestions on breeders in the area?I have Grand River lab like the line Gary Ruppel has and have a call into him too but mine came from Idaho and that’s not going to work for my friend. Need someone relatively close to Denver.Thx!

  5. >MiMi…I too am partial to those Grand River dogs as I have hunted over a bunch of them! If Gary doesn’t have any pups, I’d give Dale and Brenda Merritt a call at Black Forest Kennels/Bear Point Kennels. They are clients of ours and they are very good breeders! They just acquired BFK and I believe that they’ll be producing much better dogs!Thanks for the note!Shawn

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